sleep what is it?

July 15, 2009

Somtimes as that little head hits the pillow I exhale wondering when my head can hit the pillow.

Why is its some one so small can cause so much anguish to a mothers mind and yet so much happiness at the same time, is it  the points of manic brain activity that keeps you loving these little people?

They are so full of enthusiasm when they look at you at 2am wondering why you cant just sit still and play cars or dolls or what ever takes there fancy. They just excude energy and all i want is to rest my eyelids for just  10 mins you know a quick power nap. alas not to be , the sun is shining and the birds are singing its time to rise and shine.

I tell myself that ill catch up and have another nap when they go down for an afternon nap, alas today the little rabbit has decided that now we are two we dont always need a nap in the day. What the!!! when did the programer change the level and not tell me?

So then I tell myself that its early to bed for both  the little rabbit and Miss six and I , but then again Miss six decides its going to be the night to stay up and chill with me while the great cooking show on TV is coming to an end. Huh!! is that my eyelids closing as I miss who is booted out tonight! Luckly Miss six has it all under control as she recaps the whole show (wasting yet another 30 mins ..) and then off to bed she finally goes with much persuasion.

Yah finally put the dog to bed and check out little rabbit who is now snoring little snuggly snores and all of a sudden I jump and yell out, Miss six is doing a runner from one end of the house to the other as a big front has just hit the house and its raining cats and dogs and she is petrified the  rain is going to come right through the window in her room( it faces north so no way it could ).  I all but yell at the whole world  how much i need some sleep and Miss six informs me that my bed will the safest place for all of us tonight.  AHHHH

SO  thats it , minds made up, im sleeping with Miss six (who is a worst bed hog than a six foot overweight rugby player.) but thats only the half of it, little rabbit is sure to wake up mid dream and need snuggles so three in the bed then the dog will moan untill she is let in.

Picture it… 4 sets of ovaries all competing for the blankets and some room in a queensize bed. Who put me here? What and who am I ? Surely not just  crazed woman who will be putting 3 teaspoons of coffee in the cup by 7am.

What is it I should be doing right now instead of this blog? Oh yeh. Sleep but what is it and when do i get my share? Please tell me.


Fine Thanks! Or maybe not!

July 13, 2009

Well here we all are alive and well.
But what does that really mean?
Yes I am breathing, and have the so called needs of modern world, like food shelter and water, and im healthy so to speak.
When someone asks me how are you , its usually “Well thanks” or “fine thanks”, that I respond. Yet underneath that steady practiced tone, most of the time I have an urge to scream, just look at me! Do I look fine? Check out the bags under these beauties, yep you could carry you oranges home in them, besides that most of the time the person asking is trying to be polite and just acknowledge your presence.
Ive started the HI or Good Morning and left it at that, after all its your real friends whom you want to have time to talk to and they really can tell just by looking at you. They are not going to bother with the nicities, instead they offer you a double shot of coffee or a red wine to pass time.
Why do I feel the need to acknowledge all these people whom I see every morning these days, Am I trying to impress my children? Or remember the good ole English ettiquite my mum installed in me.
Not sure!
I remember when I started my first job a few decades ago and I used to sit on the same bus to Perth each morning, with the same group of strangers, no one even acknowledged each other, I used to make up stories inside my head about what each person did for a job or what they were interested in on the weekend, yes It passed the time and as I was young and naïve I could not understand why no-one spoke to each other, as it was about 40 mins each way every day, same people almost all the time.
And yet now I just want to be left to my own devices and not have to make small talk at 8am everyday when ive hardly had time to shove a coffee down, perhaps this is how those bus people thought too,
On reflection I think its just a shift in life focus and that I only have so much room in my head to and that extra conversation in the morning is going to make me forget something much more important.
So alive and well I am but a HI will do just fine!